09 marraskuuta 2010

First kiss frog and princess

Kaunein biisi mitä olen pitkään aikaan kuullut.
Cocorosie - Werewolf 

I don’t mean to close the door / But for the record my heart is sore / You blew through me like bullet holes / Left staind on my sheets and stains / On my soul / You left me broke down beggin for change /Had to catch a ride with a man who’s deranged / He had your hands and my father’s face / Another western vampire different time same place / I had dreams that brings me sadness / Pain much deep that a river / Sorrow flow through me in tiny waves of shivers / Corny movies make me reminisce / Breat me down easy on this generic love shit /First kiss frog and princess...

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

hieno biisi kyllä :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

oi tota biisiä jumittelin joskus oikeen urakalla! cocorosie on jees.